Kardome Joins Intel® Partner Alliance to Deliver Breakthrough Voice Technology Solutions

Kardome Joins Intel® Partner Alliance to Deliver Breakthrough Voice Technology Solutions

The partnership will allow Kardome to drive the voice recognition industry forward with its powerful technology. It will also enable collaboration to solve the world’s most critical data-centric voice technology needs

Laura Tate
Laura Tate

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As an Intel® Gold partner, Kardome will have access to innovative partner solutions and the resources to realize its vision of a new age of intelligent computing.

This new relationship with Intel® and alliance partners will advance Kardome’s groundbreaking voice technology for the next generation of innovative voice and speech recognition products.

 “The Kardome team is excited about this partnership. We look forward to working closely with Intel® and its partner alliance in voice-controlled devices and promoting voice technology in any environment,” said Kardome VP of Business Development, Ohad Shemen Ariely.

Advancing Voice Technology Into New Frontiers

New machine learning technology from Kardome and Intel® partners will enable developers and companies to provide enterprises and consumers with unprecedented productivity by voice.

Intel® Alliance Partners include OEMs, solution providers, service integrators, manufacturers (such as ODMs), distributors, ISVs, cloud, and communications service providers, and those that provide FPGA engineering and design services.

Kardome will collaborate with alliance partners to deliver voice-activated technology that will enable consumers and enterprises to interact with intelligent devices in the home and at work simply by talking. 

Achieving Optimum Voice Recognition

Kardome’s one-of-a-kind voice user interface (VUI) technology reduces background noise and provides personalized voice recognition input and audio output for various voice-based devices and products.

The critical differentiator between Kardome and other audio front-end solutions is its technology clusters speech signals based on location. Its source separation software treats each person in any environment as the only person talking. This focus sets Kardome apart from direction-based technology, such as beamforming, which provides limited performance indoors or in any closed environment.

The VUI software provides clear, understandable voice and speech recognition in smartphones and TVs, voice assistants, car infotainment systems, and similar devices. 

Kardome also enables the transformation of kiosks and digital signage into contactless interactive solutions. 

Additionally, the patented technology provides secure voice interaction for enterprises that use audio and video conferencing platforms, speech-to-text, and similar platforms for high-level meetings.

The Future of Voice Technology Solutions

Voice-enabled devices are growing in popularity and provide value to enterprise end-users and consumers in so many ways. However, data is the new oil, and many of today’s voice-centric solutions require access to an enormous volume of data to do their jobs.

Data provided by voice-enabled devices and other connected devices will require a massive effort to ensure quality, reliability, security, and privacy. The collaboration between the Intel® Partner Alliance and Kardome will enable Kardome to solve these crucial challenges.

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