Reliably recognize speech

Speech Enhancer

Kardome's AI-driven signal separation and noise reduction technology facilitate a seamless voice recognition experience in any acoustic environment, from the quiet to the chaotic

Speech Enhancement technology for ASR engines
Core Benefits

Accurate Speech Separation

Kardome’s patented technology simultaneously enhances speech signals from multiple speakers in real-time, isolating the target speech with unsurpassed accuracy and enabling users to achieve high-quality results.


Speech Transcription

High-quality transcription even in a low SNR (-10dB) regime


Voice Activation

Captures the user’s voice, not passersby or ambient noise


Audio Experience

Individual speech isolation of up to 30dB

Hardware Agnostic

Kardome works on the edge. It is agnostic to processors or microphones and their layout.

Supports any size/shape/layout of mic array. 

How it Works

Learn How Kardome Can Improve Your Device Voice User Interface

The critical difference between Kardome and other audio front-end solutions is that our technology clusters speech signals based on location.

Kardome’s source separation software treats each person in any environment as if they are the only person talking. This focus contrasts direction-based technology, such as beamforming, which provides limited performance indoors or in any closed environment.

Kardome’s innovative voice user interface technology enables people to give clear, understandable commands to their devices even in adverse acoustic environments. 

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voice user interface performance
Core Technology

VUIs and ASR Performance

An ASR’s ability to accurately translate acoustic speech signals depends on the clarity of the input signal to the ASR. As a result, noise reduction, echo cancellation, source separation, and other components are added to the VUI to enhance the acquired signal before reaching the ASR.

Kardome’s core technology includes Speech Separation, Echo Cancellation, and Noise Reduction modules that facilitate reliable ASR performance in noisy and multi-speaker scenarios.

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Understand Users Anywhere, Anytime

Advanced Voice Enhancement

How often have your coworkers had trouble understanding you during a conference call?

Office environments typically contain multiple sound sources in addition to the main speaker. Sound interference makes the user’s speech unintelligible, negatively impacting important meetings and work.

Kardome’s technology enables ASR engines to understand the user anywhere, anytime. Kardome mitigates interfering signals by up to 30 𝑑𝐵 in acoustically challenging conditions that would ordinarily impede beamforming technology’s performance.

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Enhanced speech recognition for conferencing
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Give Your Users
A Voice

Kardome’s VUI technology can integrate with any voice-enabled platform or smart device.

Multi-speaker Isolation

Eliminate Background Noise

Accurate Speech Recognition