Secure your customer identification process

Kardome Voice ID

Kardome enables developers and OEMs to build a voice user interface that recognizes users and responds only to them.

Our advanced voice biometric technology provides security and convenience for your customers, allowing you to customize their experiences.

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Kardome Voice biometric technology

Give a Secure Experience That Works on the Edge

Kardomes Voice ID technology is fast, accurate, and works on the edge in noisy environments. Customize secure user experiences based on who is speaking.

Kardome Voice ID

Location-Based User Identification

Kardome’s Voice ID provides highly accurate voice biometric identification of who is speaking.

Users need only to create a voice profile; from that moment, Kardome recognizes them.

In addition, Voice ID can identify speakers even if they move around the room while they speak.

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Always Know Who is Speaking

Kardome Voice ID is always on, ready to detect who is speaking.

Our voice biometric technology works with embedded systems, offering secure and fast response times, and does not require Internet connectivity.  Furthermore, voice profiles can be securely stored online so speakers can be identified across your system regardless of location. 

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Kardome voice biometrics
Kardome Voice biometrics offers privacy and security

Privacy and Security

Restrict certain features to specific users to ensure every user has a secure and unique experience. Prevent children and other unauthorized users from gaining access to restricted content.

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Protect your service with Kardome's
advanced voice biometric technology.

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Give Your Users
A Voice

Kardome’s VUI technology can integrate with any voice-enabled platform or smart device.

Multi-speaker Isolation

Eliminate Background Noise

Accurate Speech Recognition