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The most accurate wake word technology

Kardome’s deep learning and noise reduction algorithms provide highly accurate Wake Word detection and seamlessly integrate with our Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction solution.

Recent studies show that our Wake Word technology offers the highest recognition accuracy, with a False Response Rate of less than 10% with an SNR of -20db.

Always on, always there

Kardome is always on, ready to detect your custom wake word. Kardome Wake works with embedded systems, offering secure and fast response times, and does not require Internet connectivity.

With Kardome, your customer doesn't need to wait for a response from the cloud. The quicker your wake word response time is, the better the user experience.

Privacy and security

Remove your embedded systems’ reliance on the cloud and provide speed and privacy in any environment. Kardome works on the edge with any ASR system.

Kardome Wake word privacy and security

Platforms Kardome Works with:

Qualcomm, HIFI4, ARM, ADSP-SC58x/59x, and more.

Platforms Kardome works with

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Give Your Users
A Voice

Kardome’s VUI technology can integrate with any voice-enabled platform or smart device.

Multi-speaker Isolation

Eliminate Background Noise

Accurate Speech Recognition