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Who are we?

We founded Kardome to change the way people interact with machines and explore the true potential of speech recognition. Our goal is to provide a solution to user frustrations with speech recognition and voice command devices.

Our audio experts, with vast experience in acoustics, signal processing, and machine learning, leverage advanced AI algorithms to develop a solution that makes individual voices understandable for speech recognition engines and human listeners. Beamforming is so 1998.

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Kardome team members

Our Vision

Voice user interface design technology has the immense potential to open a doorway to a new age in the way humans interact with machines.
Today, voice-enabled devices make their way into every imaginable environment, from homes and offices to family cars, malls, and airports.
However, the acoustic complexity of many of these environments demands improved speech recognition performance.
Kardome is committed to enabling the fundamental shift toward voice-based interaction by upholding the Number 1 Rule of Speech Recognition: Listen to the User, Not the Background Noise. 

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Our Story

Kardome came into existence during a gathering of Dr. Dani Cherkassky and Dr. Alon Slapak with like-minded fellow engineers. Dani (future CEO) and Alon (future VP of R&D) knew they wanted to build something together. After several barbecue get-togethers, they landed on speech recognition or the lack of intelligible speech recognition and voice communication devices.

The founders spent the ultimate inspiring-startup-barbecue discussing end-user frustrations with voice command and speech recognition devices and how to improve voice user interface design in such systems. Their passion, combined with extensive knowledge in acoustics, advanced machine learning, and signal processing algorithms, bore the fruit of Kardome’s leading-edge VUI technology.

Our Team

Dr. Dani Cherkassky
CEO, Co-founder
Dr. Alon Slapak
VP R&D, Co-founder
Laura Tate
VP Marketing
Ohad Shemen-Ariely
VP Business Development
Jack Kwok
Sales Director - China
Daniel Shefer
VP North America
Amihay Bereby
Software Director
Dr. Zachi Evenor
Algorithm researcher
Michael Rozentsveig
RT Software developer
Shaked Balilty
RT embedded engineer
Dima Tepliakov
RT embedded engineer
Valeria Mordoh
Data Science Researcher
Vitaly Rajev
Algorithms Engineer
Alexandra Zhuravlyova
Data Science Researcher

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