Kardome Mobility

Accurate in-car voice interaction anywhere, anytime.

Kardome Mobility is the only software solution that can individually capture up to six speakers over three seat rows with a single mic array in the overhead compartment. It isolates the desired speech, reduces background noise and echo, and correctly identifies the person speaking.

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Making voice interfaces work anywhere, anytime

Kardome Mobility uses advanced voice technology to identify speakers, their location and understand their speech in noisy, multi-speaker environments.

Advantages provided by Kardome Mobility include:

Lower Manufacturing Costs

⦁ No need to deploy microphones in the cabin

Voice AI applications in typical car scenarios:

⦁ Wakeup word identification accuracy is more than 95%

⦁ Response accuracy rate is more than 90%

⦁ Voice identification accuracy is more than 95%

Communication applications

⦁ Hands-free telephony – complies with the P. 1100 standard

⦁ In-car communications

In-cabin sensing

⦁ Kardome Mobility can locate where speakers are sitting in the cabin, providing a customized audio experience for every passenger

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Kardome Mobility Package

Our software can interface with your existing infotainment systems to provide accurate and reliable in-car voice interactions for an improved customer experience.


Spot-forming-based Audio Front End (AFE)

Spot-forming’s 3D  model uses reverberations to separate sound (speech) from different locations. The AFE includes the following functionalities: multichannel acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, source (speakers) separation, and speech localization.

Wake Word

Proprietary edge recognition model designed only to start listening when it hears specific trigger words, such as ”Alexa”  or “Hey Siri.”

Voice Biometrics

Proprietary Edge model for identifying/authenticating a user based on the individual’s voice.

Kardome Functionality

Supported use cases

Kardome Mobility Software Architecture

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