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Kardome’s voice technology offers an all-in-one solution for manufacturers and OEMs looking to improve their existing speech recognition systems.

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Kardome’s break through technology improves voice recognition accuracy in challenging soundscapes, transforming voice UI from a cloud-dependent experience to a secure, real-time, and customizable user experience with any smart device.


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Human level speech recognition for voice-enabled devices.

Kardome's speech enhancement solution outperforms standard voice technology algorithms, making it easy for everyone to use voice to control their smart devices.

Audio Front End
Clear Voice Inputs

Kardome's Audio Front End technology eliminates unwanted background noise, so your voice-enabled devices can hear users clearly, even in loud environments.

Spatial Listening
Isolate Speech

Our patented Spatial Listening technology simultaneously enhances speech signals from multiple speakers in real-time, isolating the target speech with unsurpassed accuracy and enabling users to achieve high-quality results.

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Voice ID

Secure Voice Biometrics

Kardome introduces a breakthrough in voice biometrics. With Kardome, Voice ID becomes more accurate, faster, and secure, even in challenging, multispeaker soundscapes.

More than 95% accuracy @ SNR of 0dB.

Works with embedded systems, on the edge.

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Always on, always there

Customized Wake Words

Kardome provides branded wake words, perfect for any business that wants to increase brand awareness, nurture customer loyalty, and make it easier for users to interact with their devices.

Less than 10% FRR with a SNR of -20db.

Response Accuracy Rate of 95%

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Introducing Kardome Mobility: Revolutionizing In-Car Voice Interactions

Kardome Mobility is the only software solution that can individually capture up to six speakers over three seat rows with a single mic array in the overhead compartment. It isolates the desired speech, reduces background noise and echo, and correctly identifies the person speaking

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The Crucial Role of the Audio Front End in AR Glasses

Voice control is a critical feature of augmented reality (AR) glasses, enabling users to interact with the digital world hands-free. However, the capabilities of the audio technology used are critical to their usability and, thus, widespread adoption.

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Kardome's Voice AI Takes the Wheel at Viva Tech, Paving the Way for Future Mobility

Kardome’s participation in the H1st Vision concept car premiered at Viva Technology 2023 in Paris demonstrated that Voice AI is at the heart of future car design. One of the critical innovations that Kardome brought to the collaboration is our Spatial Hearing technology.

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Kardome’s VUI technology can integrate with any voice-enabled platform or smart device.

Multi-speaker Isolation

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Accurate Speech Recognition