Kardome Kiosk Touchless Technology
Kardome Kiosk Touchless Technology

The World is Quickly Going Touchless. Are Your Kiosks Ready?

Kardome's Voice Activated Kiosk Technology is a voice interaction solution that can be deployed in any environment, regardless of background noise. It offers an immersive and seamless voice control experience for customers with no extraneous interference from other speakers or ambient noise.

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Voice-Controlled Kiosk Technology

Kardome's touchless technology is the most advanced, natural and reliable way to interact with a kiosk.

Improve Communication & Interaction

By integrating Kardome’s VUI touchless technology into your interactive touchscreen or kiosk, you can reduce acoustic conditions which improve communication and interaction between users and the device without compromising convenience or safety.

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Easy Installation

If installing new equipment is on your list of priorities this year, then we have great news! You don't need to replace any hardware to use our touchless software - just download our SDK onto any operating system supported by your current machine!"

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Safe Interactive Touchless Technology

Kardome's Voice-Activated Touchless Technology solves the problem of noisy environments and touchless voice control. It allows you to operate kiosks, or any interactive touchscreen, with just your voice in any environment. It's hygienic, safe, and easy-to-use.

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Increased Throughput and Brand Awareness

Our patented speech separation and noise reduction technology provides efficiency, seamless UX, cost effectiveness and customer-centricity. Establish trust and brand awareness with Kardome Kiosk Voice-Activated Touchless Technology.  

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Kiosk touchless technology
Don’t let background noise interrupt your kiosk experience.

Kardome's Voice Activation Solution for Interactive Kiosks allows you to deliver a seamless voice control experience in any environment, with no limitations on sound level or number of speakers.


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