Hear and Be Heard in Your Car

Kardome's innovative technology improves speech recognition up to 248% better than standard in-car speech recognition technologies.
Get clear and accurate voice control thanks to Kardome's innovative source separation and noise reduction algorithm.

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Kardome VUI Technology

The Most Advanced Speech Recognition Enhancement Technology for Car Infotainment Systems

Kardome's differentiation is in its audio front-end software solution founded on our source separation algorithm,
which improves individual voice recognition in cars.

Our solution also provides echo cancellation, noise reduction, and speech localization performance,
giving precise voice control results and high-quality hands-free calling.

Make Every Word Heard

With Kardome's audio frontend solution, devices can hear and understand multiple speakers in a car. Our innovative location-based source separation technology improves ASR performance up to 248% better than standard in-car speech recognition technologies.

Accurate Speech Recognition

Kardome's software provides seamless voice user interface in any sound environment. Whether it’s road, wind, or other noise, your voice device can hear you with Kardome’ proprietary speech recognition software.

Service Anywhere, Anytime

No need to connect to the Internet or a cloud service. Kardome provides robust voice user interface performance with or without connectivity.

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