Achieving High Accuracy Voice Biometric Identification

Achieving High Accuracy Voice Biometric Identification

Voice biometrics has been around for many years. However, there are three major challenges to making it viable for everyday usage. A new study shows how Kardome overcomes these challenges.

Laura Tate
Laura Tate

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Why Accurate Voice Biometric
Identification is Critical

Businesses use biometric voice systems to authenticate users, protect access to confidential information, and automate customer service functions. Consumers also use voice ID to secure data, make logging into their devices faster, and personalize their user experience.

Whether using voice recognition with smart home devices, in-car infotainment systems, or other voice-enabled devices, voice recognition accuracy and user-friendliness are essential to retaining customer loyalty.  

The Challenges with Accurate Voice Biometric Identification

Voice biometrics for identifying users has been around for many years. There are, however, three significant technical challenges for voice biometrics to be a viable option for everyday usage.

First, identification should accurately work even when there are "unknown users," people not introduced to a voice recognition system, which is a significant drawback of current systems.

Second, identification should work with concise voice instructions, typically less than 2 seconds but sometimes shorter than 1 second.

Finally, enrollment of new users to the system should be as quick as possible, ideally less than 15 seconds, to increase user-friendliness.

Kardome Overcomes Voice Biometric Challenges

A new study shows that Kardome's Spatial Voice Biometrics overcomes these challenges.

Kardome’s proprietary voice user interface technology provides highly accurate voice identification in the most challenging soundscapes.

The study evaluated the performance of Kardome's Spatial Voice Biometrics solution in a range of soundscapes with varying levels of background noise and with enrolled and unenrolled users.

The results show that Kardome’s Spatial Voice Biometrics provides highly accurate voice identification under all conditions, including high background noise levels. Moreover, the system can quickly and reliably distinguish between known and unknown users, achieving this with phrases shorter than 2 seconds, a record in the industry. 

Furthermore, voice identification enrollment with Kardome's Spatial Voice Biometrics takes less than 15 seconds. Most biometric enrollment systems require 30 seconds or longer of speech to set up.

The study concludes that Kardome's Spatial Voice Biometrics is an effective and reliable solution for voice identification, providing excellent accuracy and speed in various and, in particular, challenging soundscapes. Kardome provides highly accurate voice identification while quickly and reliably distinguishing between authorized and unauthorized users. 

As a result, Kardome’s technology makes it an ideal choice for consumer electronics device makers and automotive manufacturers looking to provide accurate, user-friendly voice biometric identification for their customers. 

In Summary

Accurate and fast voice biometric identification is critical to the success of OEMs and consumer electronics manufacturers in ensuring customer loyalty and retention when using voice recognition. Therefore it is crucial to overcome the technical challenges of background noise, user enrollment and voice command execution times, and the ability to facilitate voice recognition with unknown users present.

Kardome's Spatial Voice Biometrics is the perfect choice for consumer electronics OEMs and manufacturers that want a swift, dependable, and precise voice identification system.

It can accurately identify users in noisy surroundings, offers remarkable accuracy, and quickly enrolls users - making it a dependable and easy method to authenticate users.

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