Voice ID Study

High Accuracy Voice Biometrics

Kardome's Spatial Voice Biometrics Study Shows Recognition Success Rates of Higher Than 90% in Challenging Soundscapes

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Voice biometrics study by Kardome

About the Study

Voice biometrics for identifying users has been around for many years. There are, however, three significant technical challenges for voice biometrics to be a viable option for everyday usage.

First, identification should work accurately even when there are "unknown users"—users not introduced to a voice recognition system—which is a significant drawback of current systems.

Second, identification should work with very short voice instructions, typically less than 2 seconds but sometimes even shorter than 1 second.

Finally, enrollment of new users to the system should be as quick as possible, ideally less than 15 seconds, to increase user-friendliness.

Kardome’s innovative Spatial Voice Biometrics successfully addresses these three challenges.

This study shows that Kardome's Spatial Voice Biometrics can accurately identify individuals in varying and challenging sound environments.