Kardome wins Huawei Moving Audio Tech Forward Challenge

Kardome wins Huawei Moving Audio Tech Forward Challenge

Kardome will present its innovative audio and voice enhancement technology at Viva Technology, Europe’s largest technology event.

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Laura Tate

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Kardome will present its innovative audio and voice enhancement technology at Viva Technology, Europe’s largest technology event.

While audio and voice technology is moving forward rapidly, many problems remain, namely background noise and other interferences that hamper the performance of voice or speech recognition devices and front-end audio devices.

The Huawei Moving Audio Tech Forward Challenge asked participants to offer innovative hardware or software technology solutions to capture and transmit audio, protect and reproduce audio, and to render and adapt audio content to a user and the environment.

Kardome met this challenge with its technology that improves audio quality and speech intelligibility for voice user interface (VUI) devices such as voice assistants, speech recognition devices, and speech-to-text applications. 

Kardome’s patented technology simultaneously enhances speech signals from multiple speakers in real-time, isolating the target speech with unsurpassed accuracy and enabling users to achieve high-quality results.

Its audio front-end AI-based software solution gives users crystal clear audio output in any environment.

CEO Dani Cherkassky and VP of Business Development Ohad Shemen Ariely will present Kardome's VUI technology at the VivaTech event in Paris, June 16 - 19.

Virtual or in-person meetings can be booked at this link. 

About Huawei

Huawei brings high-end audio quality to all users through a range of smartphones, tablets, laptops, wireless earbuds, and home speakers, embedding innovative technology. Although we are in the ultra-broadband era, the quality of music output is limited. 

Audio should be captured, transmitted, and rendered in a way that gives the user anytime, anywhere, the feeling to be in a concert hall. In the same way, in the era of AI, the device and software we use to compose and broadcast new content should not limit us to our creativity. 

“Our music landscape and willingness to explore new domains and creation of others should be supported by intelligent engines.”

For the Moving Audio Tech Forward challenge, Huawei outlined the Expected Solutions:

Innovative hardware or software technology to: 

  • Capture audio
  • Transmit audio
  • Protect, reproduce audio
  • Render and adapt audio content to a user and its environment

Also, Huawei sought innovative solutions to :

  • Create new audio content and transform any device into a mobile studio, including for AV content creation and broadcast
  • Propose audio content to the user that matches his/her interest and overall context, and render it according to the target device and environment.

As a winner of the Moving Audio Tech Forward Challenge, Kardome will present and pitch its VUI/audio technology at Huawei’s Lab during the Viva Tech event in Paris.

 About Viva Technology

This international event, which meets in Paris and online this year, is a gathering of the world’s brightest minds, talents, and products and is a celebration of today’s innovations and tomorrow’s possibilities for everyone who believes in the power of technology to transform business and society.

Viva Technology hosts VivaTech Startup Challenges for the sixth consecutive year, where startups and established companies work together to create our shared future. Startups are invited to develop innovative responses to challenges proposed by some of the world’s leading businesses. 

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