Kardome's VUI Solution for Car Voice Recognition systems

Kardome's VUI Solution for Car Voice Recognition systems

Accurate speech recognition is paramount to safety when using car voice recognition systems. Kardome's VUI technology enhances speech signals from multiple speakers in real time.

Laura Tate
Laura Tate

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We’ve all experienced it, driving and trying to give our in-car digital voice assistant directions while our passengers talk on the phone, the kids play loud video games or watch movies, and general road noise fills the cabin. Our car voice recognition system can’t understand us and asks us to “please try again.” 

This inability of voice recognition devices to understand simple speech in a challenging sound environment is a typical problem for in-car voice assistants. There is too much road and passenger noise to effectively communicate with our digital voice assistants and get accurate responses. 

It stands to reason that car manufacturers are seeking to improve car voice recognition technology. It is projected that 90% of new vehicles will have embedded voice assistants by 2028. The makers of digital voice assistants such as Google, Amazon, IBM, and Nuance are scrambling to become the default assistants.

The quality of voice recognition in cars could become a deal-breaker for consumers.

However, existing voice technology needs help in providing seamless voice interaction with speech recognition devices in cars. 

While the vehicle cabin might seem like a great place to use voice recognition, it is, in fact, one of the toughest places to implement it — Automotive World

Kardome’s VUI technology provides a solution to inaccurate speech recognition for car voice recognition and infotainment systems. Kardome's patented technology simultaneously enhances speech signals from multiple speakers in real-time, isolating the target speech with unsurpassed accuracy and enabling users to achieve high-quality results.

The following infographic highlights a few ways Kardome's technology improves car voice recognition systems, which benefits consumers and the automotive industry:

car voice recognition systems

  1. Safety- Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road while driving the car.
  2. Source Separation—Captures speech from all speakers in the cabin and provides individual responses.
  3. Speech Personalization—Kardome can identify individual speakers. For example, when one asks, “adjust my seat,” Kardome will know which seat has to be adjusted.
  4. Passenger Experience—Everyone can interact with the car independently and seamlessly. For example: dictate an address to the navigation system while your passenger is talking over the phone.
  5. Infotainment—Kardome’s technology enhances the use of family entertainment apps. For example, several passengers interact with a car infotainment system simultaneously in a trivia game, responding to a question. The infotainment system understands each response of the passengers.
  6. Cost Utilization—A compact software solution that can integrate with the car's infotainment system.
  7. Services—Secure digital voice access to services, commerce, and content: ordering takeout, searching for local services and stores, or listening to the news, while drivers stay safe using accurate speech recognition VUI.
  8. Sales—An innovative and improved UX is an essential factor for 60% of voice customers. 

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