Kardome and Panasonic Automotive Join Forces to Enhance In-Car Voice User Experience

Kardome and Panasonic Automotive Join Forces to Enhance In-Car Voice User Experience

Kardome Mobility integrates Spatial Hearing technology with Panasonic Automotive's SkipGen2 In-Vehicle Infotainment System.

Laura Tate
Laura Tate

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[Tel Aviv, January 8, 2024] — Kardome has partnered with Panasonic Automotive Systems Co. of America to showcase Kardome Mobility's integration into Panasonic Automotive's SkipGen2 In-Vehicle Infotainment System. Kardome Mobility is the only solution to individually capture up to six voices over three rows with a single mic array in the overhead cabin compartment. 

Kardome's Spatial Hearing technology isolates desired speech and correctly identifies the person speaking and their location in the vehicle. Kardome Mobility ensures that passengers can communicate effectively with the infotainment system's voice assistant by reducing interference from crosstalk. These benefits are achieved while reducing BOM (bill of material) costs. Additionally, Kardome Mobility provides Voice Biometrics and customized Wake Word models. 

Panasonic Automotive's SkipGen is the first in-vehicle infotainment system to offer wake word access to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa.

Kardome Mobility's Spatial Hearing technology is a game-changer for Panasonic Automotive's SkipGen2 In-Vehicle Infotainment System. By integrating Kardome's technology with SkipGen, OEMs can reduce their BOM using a single mic array. This eliminates the need for installing wiring and placing microphones over each seat.

"Our latest integration with Kardome Mobility builds on our efforts to elevate the customer in-vehicle voice interaction experience," said Andrew Poliak, CTO of Panasonic Automotive. "Customers want to enjoy a seamless experience with their voice assistants while on the road. We are excited to be able to team up on an integration that will enhance the voice experience with the SkipGen2 Infotainment system."

"We are excited to collaborate with Panasonic Automotive and integrate Kardome Mobility into the SkipGen2 In-Vehicle Infotainment System," said Dani Cherkassky, CEO of Kardome. "Our technology will provide passengers with an accurate and personalized voice interaction experience while minimizing background noise and interferences. We believe that this collaboration will revolutionize the in-vehicle voice experience."

The integration of Kardome Mobility's Spatial Hearing technology into Panasonic's SkipGen2 In-Vehicle Infotainment System is ready for live demos.

Kardome is offering in-car demos of Kardome Mobility at CES 2024, Jan. 8 to Jan. 13. To book a personal demonstration, visit our calendar page: https://bit.ly/KardomeCES2024

For more information about Kardome Mobility, visit: https://www.kardome.com/kardome-mobility or contact us here.

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Kardome is a voice technology company based in Tel Aviv. Their mission is to provide machines with human-like hearing abilities. Kardome's Spatial Hearing voice technology has applications in various industries like consumer electronics, enterprise systems, and the automotive sector.

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