Kardome Finalist in HARMAN-XTC Startup Challenge, Asia’s X-PITCH

Kardome Finalist in HARMAN-XTC Startup Challenge, Asia’s X-PITCH

Kardome is one of eight finalists for the HARMAN-XTC Startup Challenge and will make a live pitch on Sept. 28 in Las Vegas. Kardome also makes the Top 150 finalists’ list for X-PITCH, one of Asia’s largest startup contests.

Laura Tate
Laura Tate

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We’re excited to announce that Kardome is a finalist in the HARMAN-XTC Startup Challenge and a Top150 finalist in one of Asia’s largest startup contests, X-PITCH.

HARMAN-XTC's roster of judges selected Kardome from numerous applicants from around the world. The challenge awards startups focused on tech innovations in consumer connections in the metaverse and mobility to optimize the consumer experience. 

For the metaverse to fulfill its potential, the devices we use to interact with it need a human-level understanding of their acoustic environment. Humans have spatial hearing capabilities, intuitively understand an auditory scene, and can focus without effort on important sounds. 

Kardome’s spatial hearing technology understands who is speaking, where they’re speaking from, and what each person is saying, even in the most challenging soundscapes with noisy backgrounds and multiple people talking at once.

Daniel Shefer, Kardome’s VP of Business Development, North America, will present a live business pitch in front of 250 business leaders from the automotive, retail, and technology industries at the HARMAN Technology Forum 2022 in Las Vegas on Sept. 28.

The HARMAN Tech Forum brings together business and technology visionaries to examine how the Metaverse and Mobility technologies are shaping tomorrow’s consumer experiences.

Audience members will vote for their fan favorite, and HARMAN judges will announce the final winner at the end of the forum.

Kardome Makes X-pitch Top 150 

Judges chose Kardome out of 4,000 applicants from 51 countries as one of the Top 150 finalists in X-PITCH, the largest startup contest in Asia.

The competition is known as the “X Games" and is one of Asia’s largest and most challenging global startup competitions. Kardome will present its patented speech recognition enhancement technology in three timed pitches to a worldwide audience.

Kardome’s Spatial Listening technology, combined with its noise reduction and source separation algorithms, helps make speech recognition systems work as they should–accurately identifying, hearing, and responding to users in any soundscape.

Kardome pitched its voice technology to meet competition qualifications that demonstrate, among other criteria, Tech for Good and Responsible Innovation for a Radically Better World.


Learn about how Kardome enhances existing speech recognition technology in voice-enabled consumer and mobility platforms here.

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