Giving Machines Human-Level Hearing Capabilities

Giving Machines Human-Level Hearing Capabilities

Kardome will present its Spatial Hearing voice technology at CES 2023. The technology focuses on targeted speech with unparalleled accuracy.

Dr. Dani Cherkassky
Dr. Dani Cherkassky
CEO, Co-founder

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We are excited to announce that Kardome will attend CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Jan. 5 - 8, to demonstrate our innovative Spatial Hearing voice technology. Kardome brings new intelligence and clarity to speech recognition devices by enabling people to make clear voice commands in any environment. 

Kardome’s Spatial Hearing technology facilitates a seamless voice recognition experience in challenging acoustic soundscapes.

What is Spatial Hearing Technology?

Humans intuitively understand the soundscape around us and can focus on the sounds essential to us and ignore everything else. 

Sound passes through our ears and sends electrical signals to our brain, which translates those signals into sounds that we understand and, to a certain extent, can visualize, even with our eyes closed and in noisy environments. This process is called spatial hearing. 

To fulfill voice user interfaces’ potential, the machines we interact with need a human-level understanding of their acoustic environment.

In contrast, echoes and other noise, including multiple voices, interfere with a machine's ability to hear and discern between sources in a closed environment such as a room or vehicle. 

To fulfill voice user interfaces’ potential, the machines we interact with need a human-level understanding of their acoustic environment. Voice-enabled devices need spatial hearing to understand and correctly analyze the acoustic environment around them. Kardome provides machines with this capability.

How Does Kardome’s Spatial Hearing Technology Work?

Indoors or in any closed environment, sound travels not only through the line of sight but also hits every reflecting surface and bounces the sound, including other voices, back to the ears or microphone. Unfortunately, this phenomenon, called reverberation, prevents today’s devices from accurately understanding the speaker. 

Kardome’s spatial sound analysis algorithms and innovative speech-AI models leverage reverberations and eliminate interfering noises, focusing on the desired speech with unparalleled accuracy. As a result, Kardome knows who is talking, where they’re talking from, and what they’re saying in any soundscape.

What Devices Work With Kardome?

Kardome’s Spatial Hearing technology improves speech recognition in any voice-enabled device, whether in the office, home, car, or other environments.

Additionally, with the Metaverse becoming an integral part of how we communicate with each other, Kardome’s Spatial hearing technology can provide accurate speech recognition for voice-enabled devices used in mixed or virtual reality environments.

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